R0068953 R0068905 R0068903  

R0068805 R0068837 R0068794  

R0068557 R0068678 R0068618   

  這次桑妮和阿文到高雄體驗創意生活一日遊,此次活動由台灣創意生活好好玩舉辦,並以Fun Taiwan Creative Life為旅遊宗旨,將跟大家介紹高雄具有高質美感的深度體驗旅遊。創意生活產業是以創意整合生活產業之核心知識,提供具有深度體驗及高質美感之產業!這次行程很適合大家到高雄玩一整天,也能讓大家更加深入了解台灣的特色^^

This time Sunny and A-Wen went to Kaohsiung to experience a creative life one-day tour. The activity is held by Fun Taiwan Creative Life, which aims at Fun Taiwan Creative Life. We are going to introduce you a high quality, aesthetic style for traveling. Creative life Industry is an industry which provides a profound experience and aesthetic. If you are planning for an all-day-long trip to Kaohsiung, the recommended route we are gonna introduce you is your best reference. Through this journey, you can understand the features of Taiwan as well.



高雄:趣活 in STAGE 駁二設計師概念倉庫 帕莎蒂娜法式餐廳 三和瓦窯

Kaohsiung: The conceptual warehouse of CHEER FOR in Stage in Pier-2 Art Center  Pasadena French Restaurant  SAN-HE TILE KILN


第一站【趣活 in STAGE 駁二設計師概念倉庫】

The first site: The conceptual warehouse of CHEER FOR in Stage in Pier-2 Art Center


It’s the first conceptual warehouse that is famous for its fashion and fun in Taiwan , and it seeks ways to “make your life more colorful.” Cooperating with more than 100 designers from Taiwan, the store sells thousands of amazing quality goods that are limited editions, and cultural products. It is its unique commodities that make the lifestyle the most fascinating feature in Taiwan! As you come over, you will definitely enjoy lots of fun and surprises here, and also, you will get to know those marvelous works from Taiwanese designers.


趣活 in STAGE 駁二設計師概念倉庫外觀

The look of the conceptual warehouse of CHEER FOR in Stage in Pier-2 Art Center




The store which promotes “Made in Taiwan” brands displays commodities designed by designers from Taiwan.



R0068905 R0068884  




The special design of nunchaku, including the ball pen and stylus, is very simple and childlike.




The mugs show temperature! When they are filled with high temperature liquids, the black pattern on their bodies will turn into chromatic pattern. Besides, it’s just like they say “Caution! Hot!” when the pattern changes its color. 

000 001  




For this watch, you just need to turn the circle in it, and let the mark match the country name on the dial.  It will show you the local time in the country.




This cool way of designing the apron, makes the apron unusual, what’s more, it is heat-resistant.

123 321      



They also have “sweetheart waffles” which mixed with pearl milk tea, a famous drink originated in Taiwan, and you could never imagine how special the taste is! When eating the delicious waffles with chewy pearls in them, you could choose the bestseller drink, the sour and sweet fruit tea with pulp, to go with. Why not take your time enjoying your good life here?

R0068956 555  


最佳停留時間: 60分鐘



We recommend you to stay here for: 60 mins at most.

Open hours:Weekdays (Mon. to Thur.) 10:00 a.m.~ 9:00 p.m. 

Weekends (Fri. to Sun.) 10:00 a.m.~ 10:00 p.m.


Location:C6-4 warehouse, No.2, Dayi St., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803





A wonderful afternoon is perfect for a fabulous afternoon tea! The renowned and customer-orientated Pasadena French Restaurant, with the mixture of Provence style and California style interior in Kaohsiung, tries to provide an elegant and comfortable dining environment. Chefs here make delicate cuisines with local ingredients and creativity. As for the afternoon tea, they change their menu based on various themes to make “Desserts art” afternoon tea.


Paris Desserts Art Afternoon tea”, juicy and fragrant pears in the set is the distinguishing feature. 


Artistic plate desserts:The main theme of it is “lolitta”, they choose fresh pears to be the main character , adding chocolate and ice cream and so on in it. Not only can you have its awesome palate, but you can also have visual enjoyment.



The chef’s special savory that day: cold noodles with béchamel as the topping, and the main ingredients were crabmeat and salmon. The noodles were very chewy, as a whole, its taste was salty and sweet, which we found amazing.



French desserts: fruit in season, French snacks, parfaits, macarons. On the top plate is fresh fruit; on the middle one are kinds of delicacies. Have a bite, and you will feel the happiness. As for the bottom one, there are litchi parfaits and coconut flavor tiramisu. What a cool and strong taste!



European yeast bread, salad buffet, chef’s creative salad on the day: A salad buffet is offered. They also provide Pasadena’s most famous bread, Longan with Red Wine Bread, and also, lollipops covered with nuts. 

R0068732  R0068783  

★法國Betjeman and Barton名茶、義大利Barbera咖啡、花茶(任選一):吃著甜點做適合搭配茶品或咖啡,甜甜的滋味,搭上散發著香氣,有質感的好茶,更能凸顯食物的美味。

French Betjeman and Barton tea, Italy Barbera coffee, flower tea
(you can choose either of the above): having the desserts with tea or coffee that goes well with is your best choice for enjoying the great taste of the meal.

R0068811 3333      



The look of Pasadena French Restaurant

R0068716 未命名 - 1    



The dining environment is elegant and bright as well, in addition, you can choose a box to dig in


345 567  



on the second floor is the gallery, some stunning works to appreciate here!







The price of the afternoon tea set menu in the French restaurant has been adjusted to 480 dollars (10% service charge NOT included). The original salad buffet was changed into a fixed amount of supply.


最佳停留時間: 120分鐘

營業時間:下午茶 平日:14:30 - 17:00 假日:14:45 - 17:00 


We recommend you to stay here for: 2 hours at most.
Open hours:Weekdays (Mon. to Fri.) 2:30 p.m.~ 5:00 p.m.
Weekends (Sat. to Sun.) 2:45 p.m.~ 5:00 p.m.
Location:No.298, Heti Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City 80794




The last but not least: SAN-HE TILE KILN


It’s the oldest extant tile kiln in the southern Taiwan. As you come here, you can understand the traditional Taiwanese building technique in earlier times, which is using tiles and bricks to build a house.
The professional guides will introduce you the history of the factory and cultural significance in detail, and you know what? They will alter their styles of introducing based on your age, isn’t that interesting? By participating in the DIY activities for carving tiles and bricks, you will know the characteristics of tiles and bricks more!



Located near the old Gaoping River iron bridge, the appearance of the tile kiln is really graceful and of  ancient features.

R0068442 R0068614  





The professional guide, explain every single step carefully so that you know the process of producing tiles and bricks. Every pile of tiles and bricks takes half an year to be made!
The pictures below show you the raw materials of them and the carousel.

001 002  



The half-finished ones

R0068507   003



They burn rice crops to control the temperature of the tile kiln.




More modern times, they use the tile kiln with a smaller capacity.




More ancient, the traditional tile kiln with a larger capacity.




With the DIY experience course, you can know the features of tiles and bricks more.
The man is making a painted water-absorbent coaster.





The shop also displays the special commodities made of tiles and bricks 

R0068557 R0068563  




營業時間:平日:08:30 - 17:00 假日:09:30 - 17:30


We recommend you to stay here for: 1 hour at most.
Open hours:Weekdays (Mon. to Fri.) 8:30 a.m.~ 5:00 p.m.
Weekends (Sat. to Sun.) 9:30 a.m.~ 5:30 p.m.
Location:No.94, Zhuliao Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 84043

  這次到高雄玩了這三個景點,趣活 in STAGE 駁二設計師概念倉庫非常有趣,可以看見許多台灣設計師們的創意設計,容易不小心的著了迷,適合在裡面逛好久好久,也能趁機購入具有巧思且實用的日常用品;帕莎蒂娜法式餐廳不僅氣氛好,也能品嘗到用心、特別的創意下午茶;三和瓦窯能夠深深的了解到台灣早期的特色建材、體驗傳統建材的特性更增添自己的知識。來高雄玩,如果想來趟深度旅行,很適合到這三個景點逛逛喔!

To wrap it up, the conceptual warehouse of CHEER FOR in Stage in Pier-2 Art Center is pretty interesting, you can see lots of creative design from Taiwanese designers. Sometimes you will even somehow be fascinated by them, and just keep lingering in the store, only to end up purchasing several goods, but all practical. Pasadena is perfect for your appetite, they not only have a great dining environment with a terrific atmosphere, but also extraordinarily creative afternoon tea set.
As for SAN-HE TILE KILN, you can understand the special building material in Taiwan’s earlier times, experience its feature on your own and broaden your horizons. If you are planning a trip to Kaohsiung, and long for a meaningful one, you could use these recommended sites!


Fun Taiwan Creative Life







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